Top Dog Names of 2016

top dog names

Are you stuck or searching for a name for your new puppy? leveraged their database to come up with the top dog names of 2016.

Classic names like Max, Buddy and Lucy are still very relevant while some new/uncommon names have risen in popularity. Also, pop culture seems to be at the forefront as many owners name their dogs after celebrities or popular movies/games.

Happy to see Lucky on the list at #29. Lucky could have been a Scott. But, I’m glad my seven year old is understanding.

Here’s the top 30 male and female names according to’s list.

Top Female Names Top Male Names
Bella Max
Lucy Charlie
Daisy Buddy
Lola Cooper
Luna Jack
Molly Rocky
Sadie Bear
Sophie Duke
Bailey Toby
Maggie Tucker
Chloe Oliver
Lily Bentley
Stella Milo
Zoey Teddy
Penny Jake
Roxy Leo
 Coco  Jax
 Gracie  Dexter
 Ruby  Zeus
 Mia  Louie
 Zoe  Riley
 Ellie  Winston
 Nala  Buster
 Rosie  Murphy
 Ginger  Jackson
 Abby Bailey
 Lilly  Harley
 Piper  Gus
 Sasha Lucky
 Riley Oscar

Click here for the complete list of top 100 female and male names.

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