Mastering the Sit Command

mastering the sit command

The sit command is one of the most basic and understood commands in the doggie language.

It is useful for various situations. For example, sitting at the door after he is muddy and wet or sitting instead of jumping on house guests.

The following are the basic steps it takes to get your puppy to sit on command;

  1. Stand in front of your puppy and hold a treat a little above and in front of his nose
  2. Slowly and steadily move it over (not too hight where he jumps for it) his head and say “sit”
  3. His butt should slide down in a sitting position
  4. Immediately after his rear hits the floor, praise him excitedly and give him his treat
  5. Say a release word to let him know that he doesn’t need to sit any longer

What happens if he resists the steps above? Practice patience. Repeat the exercise until he figures it out.

If you go a handful of attempts with little to no success, try the following guided exercise…

  1. Squat down next to your puppy
  2. Place one hand on the puppy’s chest and the other behind his rear legs
  3. Say “sit” and apply gentle pressure to the chest and against his rear knees
  4. As soon as his rear hits the floor, praise him with excitement and give him his treat

It’s important to establish a habit so keep practicing this many times during the day. As you train your puppy, he will feed off of your energy so keep it light and positive.

Eventually, he should then sit on command without needing a treat. The praise alone should get your puppy to sit immediately.

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