Meet Lucky

Lucky Golden Retriever

My Name is Lucky and I’m a Golden Retriever puppy.

At the time of this post going live (January 5, 2017), I’m about 16 weeks old.

I currently reside on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Although I haven’t experienced summer here yet, I
do enjoy my morning walks now (in January). I have a very good hunch that we’ll be walking to the beach and playing a lot in the summer. Maybe I’ll try swimming…who knows!

I have a big brother, Kane, who is seven years old. I really like to play with him (and by that I mean nip and bite him constantly). I do this for attention but he thinks I’m just being mean sometimes.Meet Lucky

I’m a very curious puppy. I like to chew on things, sometimes even swallow things down the hatchet. Tree branches are my fav. Well, second to doggie treats.

I’ve made some great strides in my humble opinion. I know how to sit and stay. I’m pretty much crate trained. I sit by the door and either bark or hit the door when I need to go # 1 or 2.

I enjoy eating very much. In fact, I love to inhale my food. My Dad put a large rock in the middle of my bowl but that doesn’t really slow me down. He’ll probably figure out something else to make me take my time.

I love people and I’m very social around humans and other dogs. But, sometimes I like to jump up on people. I can’t really help it…I get really excited!

I enjoy a nice game of fetch but also like to cuddle with my family. I feel like I’m active but at the same time a little Zen in my ways.

I’ll be chronicling my adventures here and you can also follow me on Instagram. And my Dad will continue to put out helpful content that might be good for other dog owners.

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