Should I Get a Male or Female Golden Retriever?


“Male or female Golden Retriever?” is surprisingly a very popular question when future dog parents are considering purchasing a Golden. Obviously both are great because of the breed but they do have their subtle, but important, differences. Also their unique personalities are dependent on the individual dog so that is something to consider as well.

Does Size Matter?

Male Golden Retrievers, on average, tend to be 10 to 15 pounds bigger. You’ll really notice the difference
if you’re adult dog sleeps in your bed. Male Goldens tend to be stronger and often shows more male dominance than female Goldens.

Are You Ok with Immaturity?

Female Goldens typically mature more quickly (before they turn 2). Males on the other hand, are normally more rowdy and mature sometime when they are two. I think most women will agree that this aligns with human patterns as well.

Does it Really Matter?

Generally, Golden Retrievers are awesome dogs. They are very intelligent, great with kids and are non-aggressive with other dogs. It could matter. In my case, my seven year old son wanted a brother so that made the decision easy. You could have a more substantial reason for it but the differences really are pretty subtle and depends on the individual dog.

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