Should I Get My Dog Neutered?

Should I get dog neutered

Most likely. You’re male Golden getting neutered eliminates the risk of you becoming a doggy grandparent and other important health and behavioral benefits occur as a result.

But, there are some drawbacks to the common procedure.

Let me elaborate…

Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

Getting your male Golden neutered will 100% eliminate or dramatically reduce the risk of many cancers/health issues that affect male dogs including; testicular cancer and infections, prostate problems, anal tumors and hernias.

In addition to eliminating or reducing cancer risk, other possible benefits include;

  • Not having surprise puppies
  • He’ll be calmer having less testosterone in his body
  • Reduction in territorial tendencies (including peeing at home)
  • Lower dominant and aggressive behavior
  • Reduce over-the-top humping
  • Reduce biting and temperament problems

Downside of Neutering Your Dog

With every list of pros there seems to be a list of cons to follow. Neutering your dog is no exception.

The following are potential cons of getting your Golden Retriever neutered;

  • He will be sterile (not ideal for breeders)
  • Increase the risk of obesity
  • Increased risk for fragile bones (if surgery performed too early)
  • Increases the risk of a cancer called hemangiosarcoma

When Should I Have my Golden Neutered?

Technically, a male puppy can be neutered after eight weeks of age.

Most vets, however, recommend waiting until they are about six to nine months. Young puppies recover more quickly from surgery and are less likely to have complications.

There are mixed opinions on when you should neuter your Golden. Recent research shows that six months may be too early. If you got your puppy from a breeder, it may be beneficial to reach out to get their thoughts. On the heels of their opinion, ask your vet. 

The Choice is Yours

Neutering is a safe and effective procedure that has been performed on dogs for decades here in the United States.

As you just read neutering your dog has some wonderful benefits that will improve your dog’s well being but it also comes with its potential drawbacks.

Before making any type of firm decision, it’s alway wise and appropriate to consult with your vet.

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