Mastering the Drop It Command

drop it command golden

As you probably know by now, your Golden Retriever will will have something in its mouth 97% of the time. The other 3% they will be looking to for something to put in their mouth.

Whether its a tennis ball or a hazardous object, teaching the “Drop” or “Drop it” command is essential.

The “drop it” command will give your dog a chance to drop it or give you an opportunity to take it (if the object is hazardous to its well-being).

Mastering the Drop It Command

Here’s how you can teach your dog to master the drop command;

  1. Find a toy that your dog enjoys and can easily carry around in its mouth (i.e. – toy bone)
  2. Give your dog the toy – make sure you are close enough to train her
  3. Firmly say “drop it” or “drop” – be consistent with whichever one you chose
  4. Place the treat in front of her nose
  5. She should drop whatever is in her mouth and go for the treat
  6. Repeat a few more times, daily

What happens if the toy is more desirable than any treat? Try the following if your Golden does not release the item willingly;

  1. Press her lips against her teeth and gums with both hands. At the same time, say your drop command
  2. Remove the object from her mouth
  3. Give her an alternative object or a treat
  4. Praise, praise, praise
  5. Repeat if she consistently is unwilling to drop the object

Again, this is not only an important command on a normal day-to-day basis but its very handy in emergency situations where your Golden has something in its mouth that she shouldn’t have. In these types of cases, the drop command could save an expensive trip to the vet.

Don’t overdue this command. Its not necessary to spend hours on teaching your puppy the drop it command. Instead, do it a few times on a consistent basis.

Good luck and happy training!

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