Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy Review

I recently purchased the Bob-a-Lot an interactive dog toy from Amazon and this is my honest review of Lucky’s newest toy.

First, here are some of the facts regarding the interactive toy;

  • Comes in two sizes: Small and Large (I purchased the large)
  • Colors: Purple, Green and Yellow
  • Two adjustable openings
  • Rounded, weighted bottom allows the toy to wobble without falling over
  • Made from hard plastic (people have stories of their dog’s chewing the top)

Playing with the Bob-a-Lot Interactive Toy

Since I work from home, I wanted to find a toy that could buy me some time when I’m on a conference call or needing to focus. Lucky, like most puppies, is constantly trying to get my undivided attention for the better part of the day!Golden Retriever Toy

So I purchased this toy but with low expectations as Lucky is a “shiny objects” kind of dude. He’ll enjoy something the first day but then will be over it by the next. But, I pulled the credit card out because it was recommended by the Trainer in our puppy class.

A couple days later, UPS dropped the toy off on my front doorsteps…

The toy came intact on day one, no assembly required. The colors were as shown and the size was as expected.

The first time I put the treats in I left both compartments open too wide so Lucky was able to get his treats with little effort. After about several attempts he got the concept and was rewarded anytime he pushed the toy the right way.

The first day he played with it until the food was all out. Second day, same thing. Third, fourth, fifth…played until all the food was gone.

I closed the two compartments a little tighter so the food barely got out and did Lucky get frustrated? I couldn’t tell. He would go for minutes trying to get food out but then would walk away after many attempts. I guess one kibble isn’t worth the work. But then he would revisit it after 15 minutes.

I’m a sucker and would eventually open up the holes so he could feast for all of his efforts.

My Honest Review of the Bob-a-Lot Interactive Toy

The interactive did its job. It kept him preoccupied but for short stints at a time.

I think its a great toy for under $20. Lucky loves treats and food so he’ll work for it. This toy helps him Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toyconnect how things fall out which I think is great mentally.

In the Amazon description it says it exercises the dog but I’m not sure how much exercise Lucky really gets. He pushes or slaps the toy and will move towards it but I wouldn’t consider that exercise.

I think the only downside, if it is even one, is that its a little loud on wood floors.

Would I recommend it other dog owners? Certainly would!

As a side note, Lucky is about 17 weeks right now and the large size is very appropriate for him.

Visit Amazon for more information and reviews.

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